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Erica Palmer

Home Organizer, Kind Helper

Who I Am

Hello and Welcome to Calm Your Space!

My name is Erica Palmer and I live in Centennial, CO with my husband and three crazy...I mean energetic children.

I've worked in many different fields throughout my professional journey, but what I always ended up loving the most about any job was organizing my desk. Organizing is what I do for fun- yes, FUN! Not everyone feels this way about cleaning out their cabinets. I get it -I feel this way about gardening and will pay any person, any amount of money to manage the plants in my yard…Do you garden? Call me.

I made the decision to start Calm Your Space to fulfill a more personal, passionate path of becoming a Professional Organizer. I have a true love for organization, and I feel such joy when I'm able to help others live a clutter-free and more simplified life.

A Calm Space is a Happy Place!

Let me help you Calm Your Space today!

When you start keeping less around in your physical space, you create space to notice more, and sometimes it results in noticing more about yourself.

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Home Organization for the South Denver-Metro area

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