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I had started to re-organize my closet, which was a total disaster after our remodel. Over 2 years later, it looked worse than when we had started. My husband called for a professional because he could see I was in desperate need of someone who knew what they were doing. Within 5 minutes after meeting Erica, I could tell that she had a plan and knew what she was doing. I was amazed just watching her (I had just had surgery and couldn’t help her), and she was very methodical about what she was doing. She was also a very nice person to talk to while she was transforming my closet. She found space I didn’t know I had and labeled everything in the end so I could find it. 

I would give her more than 5 stars if I could. You will not be disappointed in Erica for whatever you ask her to do. She is a rare commodity to find these days.

Sue W.

I recently moved to a different house in Denver with my elderly mother (two households merging), and unfortunately, I had alot of stuff to sort, decide whether to keep and organize differently, or purge. It was overwhelming, I knew I needed help, and so I was extremely lucky to find Erica Palmer and Calm Your Space.
Erica helped me with my basement, laundry/storage room, kitchen, a closet, and then the biggest challenge, my garage, which had become the place where all the "undecided" boxes from the last move had landed. Erica was thoughtful and patient in the way she approached this work - she jumped in to sorting through things, laid things out for me to see, then coached me (in a very understated and non-judgemental way) as I made decisions about what to keep or donate. She also helped me organize spaces in the new house I moved into.

Erica made all the difference for me in navigating the overall move and her fees were reasonable. If you're thinking about hiring her, do it! You won't regret it. Five plus stars for Erica!! She's wonderful.

Maureen D.

Erica organized my office and made it a happier and a more productive place to work. She thinks about my space in a way I couldn't, decluttering, organizing, and designing one of the most important rooms in my home. By having Calm Your Space come in, I now save time and stress by everything having its own place. It's invaluable. Erica is also a joy to be around!

Megan S.

Erica helped us declutter and organize our home before putting it up for sale. By the time she finished, our house was in picture perfect condition for prospective buyers to view. She removed unwanted items, which was so helpful because we did not have to pack and move the “junk” we no longer used. She also organized the décor throughout our home and our house just looked beautiful. Overall, she saved us so much time, which allowed us to focus on other tasks. Erica was so patient and easy to work with and I would highly recommend her services.

Les M.

Erica with Calm Your Space helped me organize our laundry room as well as our home office. She really cared about my vision and helped me create a space that is more user friendly and clean and organized. She used many of my own items but also incorporated new items. I highly recommend her expertise!

Heidi D.

Jenny C.

Erica’s expertise and vision is truly amazing! She organized my kitchen cabinets, including the dreaded junk drawer. Because she put everything back in a reasonable way I have been able to maintain that same organization for several months afterwards! I highly recommend using Erica for your organization needs, large or small!

Erica is amazing! Enough said. She found simple ways to change and place the perfect décor for our home. Erica took the time to listen to what we wanted and developed a design that fit perfectly in our home. She was wonderful to work with and in this process, we fell in love with our house all over again.

Christy S.

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“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

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